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The word beneficent means 'resulting in good'. That’s what we are all about: a business designed to give back because it makes scents to do good! 

By Giving Back

Benefiscent was born out of a desire to give back to cancer research. We believe 'it makes scents to do good' and that is why we created consciously-made candles that spark joy and inspire hope for a cure.

Best of all, every candle gives back- 20% of all profits are donated to leading cancer research institutions in the USA.

The Daily Burn

Our collection of approachable luxury candles are designed to be burned everyday- not just look pretty on the shelf. We not only design fragrances with master perfumers but hand pour our candles with the best ingredients and test them consistently for the perfect burn. You can rest assured that your candles will burn cleanly edge-to-edge without scorching, all while smelling fabulous.

Clean Candles
From Bean to Burn

We prioritize making clean candles for you and our planet! Our candles are hand poured with sustainably sourced American grown soy wax, phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils to provide the safest burn. We use recyclable glass vessels with engraved wooden lids that are perfect for repurposing post-burn. Our candles and ingredients are free of all preservatives, additives, phthalates, lead, and petroleum. Benefiscent is cruelty-free and vegan.

Classic Candle

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The Classic Candle is Benefiscent's single wick candle. Classics are hand-poured  in small batches with 10oz of sustainably sourced soy wax, 1 cotton braided wick, and cleanly-formulated fragrances. This size candle is perfect for small to medium spaces and has an average 45+ hour burn. 

All Benefiscent candles are made in recyclable glass containers with engraved wooden lids.

20% of profits donated to cancer research because it makes scents to do good.

Classic Candle
Classic Candle
Classic Candle