Gold Finish Wick Trimmer

Gold Finish Wick Trimmer

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At Benefiscent, our #1 priority is providing our customers with a clean burning candle. That means not only making safe candles with high quality ingredients, but providing you with the tools and information to get the best burn from your candles. 

What is a Wick Trimmer? A Wick Trimmer is a tool that allows you to get a cleaner, longer and safer burn out of your candle!

The Candle Science:
If you dont trim your wick, your candle will not be able to draw wax up all the way through the wick. At this point, you are burning the wick itself and not the wax. This is when you might see soot emissions or crackling from your candle. For the cleanest and safest burn, you should always keep your wick trimmed to a 1/4 of an inch.  


This wick trimmer is 7inches long with an ergonomic shape for an easy reach into your candle that a scissor cannot provide. It features a debris catching tray so that your wick trimmings do not dirty your candle wax. This wick trimmer has a beautiful gold finish! This is an original Wickman Wick Trimmer with a patented design.

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