Benefiscent Blush Collection Set of 3 Candles

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The Candles

The Blush Cashmere Candle is our newest cozy fragrance, exclusive to this collection! Cashmere is the perfect cozy scent to transition from winter into spring. It is a luxurious blend of warm woody notes and creamy cocoa butter, balanced by bright hints of floral jasmine. ~Fragrance Notes: cocoa butter, cedarwood, tonka bean, coconut, vanilla, jasmine, amber, olive wood, sandalwood~

The Blush Rose Candle is chic  and classy. This fragrance smells exactly like fresh cut roses or a dew-kissed rose garden in the morning. Our customers have been amazed by this candle and love that it lasts longer than a bouquet!  ~ Fragrance notes: morning dew, fresh cut roses ~

The Blush Vanilla Candle is happy, warm, and cozy. Our sweet and sensual Madagascar Vanilla Fragrance is a year-round best seller! Fragrance notes: golden plumeria, Madagascar vanilla, white sandalwood, creamy musk~

Single Wick 15 oz Candles | ~225+ hours total burn time | 100% Sustainably Sourced Soy & Coconut Wax | Handmade in the USA

The Glass

Our limited-edition luxury blush pink glass features beautiful silver detailing around the rim. These 15oz blush tumblers are gorgeous high quality glass that you will certainly want to reuse! After you finish your candles, they will make a pretty pen cup on your desk or serve well as a pretty planter for your favorite succulent plant. This set of 3 will even make gorgeous drinking glasses!