Antique Brass Wick Dipper

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At Benefiscent, our #1 priority is providing our customers with a clean burning candle. That means not only making safe candles with high quality ingredients, but providing you with the tools and information to get the best burn from your candles.
What is a Wick Dipper? A Wick Dipper is a tool that allows you to extinguish your candle without any smoke! 
The Candle Science:
Using a Wick Dipper is the only way to extinguish your candle without smoke. The tool allows you to push the candle wick over into the wax which suffocates the flame. This also coats and seals the wick with a new layer of wax which allows you to get a better burn out of your candles. Once the wick has dried, make sure you trim it to 1/4 inch to ensure the safest, cleanest burn!
This wick trimmer is 7.5 inches long with an ergonomic shape for an easy reach to your candle wick. This product is made from lightweight steel, making it safe to use around a flame. This Antique Brass Wick Dipper matches perfectly with the Antique Brass Wick Trimmer! This is an original Wickman Wick Dipper with a patented design.

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