Antique Brass Wick Dipper
Antique Brass Wick Dipper

Antique Brass Wick Dipper

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  • This candle gives back to cancer
At Benefiscent, our #1 priority is providing our customers with a clean burning candle. That means not only making safe candles with high quality ingredients, but providing you with the tools and information to get the best burn from your candles.
What is a Wick Dipper? A Wick Dipper is a tool that allows you to extinguish your candle without any smoke! 
The Candle Science:
Using a Wick Dipper is the only way to extinguish your candle without smoke. The tool allows you to push the candle wick over into the wax which suffocates the flame. This also coats and seals the wick with a new layer of wax which allows you to get a better burn out of your candles. Once the wick has dried, make sure you trim it to 1/4 inch to ensure the safest, cleanest burn!
This wick trimmer is 7.5 inches long with an ergonomic shape for an easy reach to your candle wick. This product is made from lightweight steel, making it safe to use around a flame. This Antique Brass Wick Dipper matches perfectly with the Antique Brass Wick Trimmer! This is an original Wickman Wick Dipper with a patented design.

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Benefiscent was born out of a desire to give back to cancer research. We believe 'it makes scents to do good' and that is why we created consciously-made candles that spark joy and inspire hope for a cure.

Best of all, every candle gives back- 20% of all profits are donated to leading cancer research institutions in the USA.

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Our collection of approachable luxury candles are designed to be burned everyday- not just look pretty on the shelf. We not only design fragrances with master perfumers but hand pour our candles with the best ingredients and test them consistently for the perfect burn. You can rest assured that your candles will burn cleanly edge-to-edge without scorching, all while smelling fabulous.

What our customers are saying...


You can smell these candles THROUGH the jar. It's incredible. I'm a candle fanatic and absolutely blown away by the quality!

New York, NY

This candle was amazing! Even after I blew the candle out at bedtime, the smell wafted through the room for a solid hour. In the morning when I woke up, I still was able to smell the candle, even though it wasn't burning! So pleased with this candle and can't wait to order another one!

Harlan, KY

One of the best candles I've bought! This candle smells AMAZING and was delivered in 2 days. I can’t get enough of it. 10/10 would highly recommend. I love it! [Côte d'Azur Candle]

New York, NY

OBSESSED! I can’t get enough of this candle. Beautiful rosemary scent that isn’t overwhelming. I have yet to smell a Benifiscent candle I don’t like. Highly recommend!!

New York, NY

I purchased two of the diffusers, vanilla and clementine/pine, this summer at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. After using the vanilla one for 3+ months it's still going strong! I love the way it makes my car smell and get compliments on it all the time. Highly recommend :) Would make a perfect gift!

Kirin S.
Ann Arbor, MI

Finally found scented candle that I love! For years I have been searching for scented candles to burn in my home. I'm very picky about the scent, the appearance and the quality of the ingredients. I am pleased to say that, after discovering benefiscent candles at the Mystic Arts Festival this summer, I am hooked! I've already ordered another one and would highly recommend.

Mystic, CT

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