We Are Benefiscent®


The word beneficent means 'resulting in good'. That’s what Benefiscent is all about: a business designed for helping others because it makes scents to do good! 

Our Mission

We envision a world without cancer and we believe that every consumer has the power to change the world with socially responsible purchases. Our mission is to create consciously-made candles that spark joy and inspire hope. In doing so, raising awareness and funds for cancer research. 

Our Commitment

We donate 20% of all profits to Cancer Research.

We operate with the utmost integrity in our business practices. This means we are committed to making the best-quality, handmade candles with safest ingredients possible. We strive to reduce waste, steer clear of plastic, and provide eco-friendly candle care solutions. Most importantly, we care about the community that we serve. We promise open communication and transparency in our business, thats why we have a 100% happiness guarantee!

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          Our Partners

Since the very beginning of our mission in 2015, we have partnered with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to provide donations to cutting edge cancer research. MSKCC, based in the greater New York City area, is one of the largest and most trusted Cancer Research institutions in the United States. Prior to our eCommerce launch in January 2020, we donated 22K to Memorial Sloan Kettering. We are excited to grow and expand our mission and impact every year!

Make it Personal

We hope operate with empathy, because this business is personal! Our mission is inspired by our founders' experience with cancer. Read our story here! And please share your story with us