Car Diffuser Details


  1. Unscrew wooden top, remove safety plug, replace wooden top
  2. Securely tie up your diffuser wherever it makes you happiest!
  3. After 4 to 8 months, refill your diffuser with your benefiscent refill oil

*We recommend refilling your car diffuser with the same fragrance each time, you can find refills here*  

WARNING Keep out of reach of pets and small children. Do not ingest the diffuser liquid. Avoid placing in areas where the container can be knocked over. Contents may damage wood and porous surfaces. Avoid leaving diffuser in extreme heat.


Refills contain approximately 1+ year's worth of fragrance oil for Benefiscent Car Diffusers. Refill bottles will ship with a safety screw top and an extrea dropper top. WARNING: use product only as intended in Benefiscent Car Diffusers, this item is not intended to be used as a perfume or in an electric oil diffuser.