Benefiscent Fragrance Descriptions

Amalfi Coast

This designer fragrance is exclusive to the Benefiscent Blue collection!

Italy's Amalfi Coast is one of the world's most beautiful destinations featuring a rugged and rocky shoreline and colorful villages built into its cliffs. The Amalfi Coast Candle is rugged and refreshing just like this Italian coastline.

Top note: Calabrian bergamot, Amalfi lemon

Middle note: sea mineral accord, English lavender 

Base note: musky sandalwood, sheer leather

Both men and women love Benefiscent's Amalfi Coast fragrance!

Autumn Spice

This seasonal fragrance is only available in the fall!

As the weather gets cooler, you'll want to cuddle under your blanket and read your favorite book, next to your Autumn Candle. The Autumn Spice candle will make home sweet home smell like you have delicious confections baking! 

Top note: cinnamon, sugar

Middle note: apple

Base note: vanilla bean, warm brown butter 


This designer fragrance is exclusive to the Benefiscent Blue collection!

Bali is on my travel bucket list, and after you smell this candle it will be on yours too! The Bali is a luscious and fruity designer scent that will have you daydreaming of beautiful landscapes. 

Top notes: ripe mango

Middle notes: Tarocco oranges

Base notes: goji berries

Black Sea

This designer fragrance is exclusive to the Benefiscent Blue collection!

The Black Sea has been at the center of myth since ancient times. This candle has notes of mystery and intrigue that will keep you wanting more. Black sea has deep and musky notes of amber and plum, perfectly balanced by light airy notes of citrus and fresh air.

Top notes: citrus, sea salt, ozone

Middle notes: plum, cardamom 

Base notes: amber, dark musk

Both men and women love this scent!


This designer fragrance is exclusive to the Benefiscent Blue collection!

This alluring fragrance is named for the siren Calypso in greek mythology. Legend has it that she lured sailors to the island of Gozo, Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. Like Calypso, this intriguing fragrance will draw you in. Think of Calypso as you first smell this candle, and are drawn to keep smelling it again and again. This tuberose fragrance is a creamy and musky floral!

Top notes: creamy tuberose

Base notes: ylang-ylang, fresh woods


This seasonal fragrance is only available in the winter!

The Chalet fragrance will invite you to step out of the cold and into your warm mountainside chalet! This elegant blend of winter fruits and spices is the perfect aroma for the holiday season.

Top note: orange peel, apple, cinnamon, ginger

Middle note: cypress, clove

Base note: pine, fir, lovely memories

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including orange, cinnamon, clove, vetiver, and pine! 


This herbal fragrance is as refreshing as it is functional, citronella oil is a natural mosquito deterrent. From candlelight dinners on the patios to backyard barbecues an all natural citronella candle is a summer necessity.

Notes of Lemon Peel, Lemongrass, Camphor, and Powder 

Clementine & Pine

Clementine & Pine is our favorite lively winter scent! Citrus and pine notes blend to make a beautifully refreshing wintry aroma.

Top note: clementine, mandarin orange, grapefruit

Middle note: fir needles, neroli, pointsetta petals

Base note: cyprus, amber, cedarwood

Coconut Milk & Mango

This fragrance is the essence of a tropical island escape! Coconut Milk & Mango will make you feel like you are sipping a fruity drink out of a coconut shell and soaking up the sunshine.

Top note: pineapple, orange

Middle note: fresh mango, peach

Base note: coconut milk, raw coconut sugar

Côte d'Azur

This designer fragrance is exclusive to the Benefiscent Blue collection!

Imagine vacation in the south of France... stroll in lavender fields and enjoy quaint villages overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. This candle is a well-blended classy fragrance that you are certain to enjoy in your home. 

Top notes: fresh fir, lavender

Middle notes: ylang-ylgang 

Base notes: warm amber woods

Cranberry Harvest

This seasonal fragrance is available in fall and winter!

Welcome Autumn into your home with the Cranberry Harvest candle! This fragrance is a dreamy blend of juicy Cape Cod cranberries and refreshing Fir forests with a touch of warm vanilla and cinnamon. 

Top note: Cape Cod cranberries, cinnamon sticks

Middle note: red and black currant berries

Base note: pine needles, fir trees, warm vanilla

Blended with natural essential oils of cinnamon, orange, patchouli, and fir.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint

We are excited to add this exquisite Eucalyptus & Spearmint fragrance to our collection. Eucalyptus, native to Australia, is know to be an effective in aromatherapy to relieve stress, improve concentration, and even fight migraines! Eucalyptus pairs perfectly with spearmint for a cooling herbal blend.

Top note: Australian Eucalyptus

Middle note: American Spearmint

Base note: Sandalwood


Our Evergreen fragrance is reminiscent a forest of fresh balsam trees and woody cedar notes. This scent is fresh, clean and woodsy and is popular all year round with men & women.

Top note: juniper berry

Middle note: balsam, cedarwood

Base note: warm amber, musk

Fleur de Solei

This fragrance is reminiscent of a bright sunny day. The citrus and floral notes of this candle smell brilliant, like fresh bergamot and gorgeous jasmine trees in the breeze.

Top notes: bergamot, cardamom, marine minerals

Middle notes: jasmine, ylang-ylang, labdanum

Base notes: benzion, tonka bean, sandalwood, musk

Gilded Pear

Gilded Pear is soft, sweet, and elegant. This fragrance has been one of our best-sellers since 2016!

Top note: subtle lychee

Middle notes: juicy pear

Base note: rich honey


The Gingerbread Candle is a seasonal favorite this winter season. Gingerbread is a tried and true favorite that will make you happy to be home!

Top note: candied ginger, orange zest

Middle note: cinnamon sticks, clove buds

Base note: creamy nutmeg, vanilla bean, allspice


The Himalayas are the origin place of the orchid and the region famous for pink salt! Himalayan is a smooth and classy blend that will quickly become your go-to home fragrance.

Top note: pink salt, ozone

Middle note: orchid, jasmine, lily of the valley, green leaves

Base note: wood, tonka bean


Imagine fields of lavender in Provence, France extending as far as the eye can see and a smooth and calming unmistakable fragrance of lavender in the air. Benefiscent's Lavender Candle is a refined classic lavender scent. 

Madagascar Vanilla

True vanilla is a luxury, grown in few places around the world. In Madagascar, these delicate vanilla orchid plants yield rich vanilla beans coveted for their fragrant qualities.

Top note: golden plumeria

Middle note: Madagascar vanilla

Base note: white sandalwood, creamy musk

Nicky Medley

This best selling candle is named after Nicky Medley, the man who gives 1300 hugs a day at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He truly has a heart of gold and has helped so many cancer patients and caregivers through their most difficult moments. Nicky was there to love and comfort my mom as she came into MSKCC, scared and anxious for treatment. In 2016 we made our first donation and Nicky accepted it on behalf of MSKCC.

Top note: sage, orange, grapefruit

Middle note: lavender

Base note: oakmoss, amber, tonka bean

men & women love this fragrance!

Pumpkin Chai Latte

The Pumpkin Chai fragrance offers a sophisticated blend of invigorating spices to pair with sweet toasted pumpkin. 

Top note: orange zest, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg

Middle note: pumpkin, cloves, black tea

Base note: vanilla bean, toasty graham cracker

This candle is infused with natural essential oils, including cumin, cedarwood, and orange! 

Rosemary Wreath

The Rosemary Wreath fragrance carries notes of fragrant herbs mingled with fresh pine. This candle will will refresh your home during these cooler months! This herbal mélange is loved by all for its clean and calming scent.

Top note: fir needles, eucalyptus

Middle note: fresh rosemary sprigs

Base note: clarey sage, cedar

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including fir needles, eucalyptus, orange, and cedar leaf!


This classy fragrance will have you wishing for the amazing views of white buildings built into the Mediterranean seaside cliffs.

Top notes: tropical fruits and sugared oranges

Middle notes: crisp clementines, exotic mountain greens 

Base notes: zesty lemons and limes

This designer fragrance is exclusive to the Benefiscent Blue collection!

Sugar Cookie

The Sugar Cookie fragrance is seriously delightful! This candle will bring you back to the days you spent baking cookies with grandma. It is a well-balanced aroma that captures the nuances of vanilla cookie and is not overwhelmingly buttery or sweet.

Toasted Vanilla Chestnut

The Toasted Vanilla Chestnut Candle has nutty and woodsy tones that will bring a coziness to your space this winter season. This sophisticated blend balances sweet and toasty notes with subtle hints of spice.

Top note: caramelized brown sugar

Middle note: toasted chestnuts, cinnamon, clove

Base note: cedar, vanilla, tonka bean

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, cedarwood, fir needle, lemon, geranium, patchouli, and coriander seed.

Vanilla & Cedarwood

The Vanilla & Cedarwood fragrance smells like you're taking a hike on a warm spring afternoon. You'll feel instantly relaxed with its creamy vanilla and earthy undertones. This candle was designed for Father's day, with men in mind. However, this subtle fragrance will please everyone! 

Top note: earthy cedarwood

Middle note: warm vanilla

Base note: sweet white musk

Victorian Christmas

There is nothing quite like waking up on Christmas morning with your family. This fragrance will set the mood to make those magical memories! Our Victorian Christmas fragrance is named for the Victorian Era where many of today's Christmas traditions began.

Top note: clean and soft florals

Middle note: rum fruitcake

Base note: clean green pine 

White Birch

The White Birch Candle is reminiscent of the cool and crisp morning air of an evergreen forest. The herbal and woody notes of this sophisticated fragrance are just as relaxing as they are refreshing.

Top note: eucalyptus, mint

Middle note: cypress, pine

Base note: tonka bean, smoke

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, cedarwood, fir needle, eucalyptus, cedar leaf, and patchouli