Côte D'Azur Candle

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*Côte d'Azur is one of our favorite fragrances! We have not been able to get our Côte d'Azur fragrance produced due to ingredient shortages. We are thrilled to be working with a new international fragrance house to replicate and even improve our Côte d'Azur! Check back soon for the new Côte d'Azur candle!* 

Imagine vacation in the south of France... stroll in lavender fields and enjoy quaint villages overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. This candle is a well-blended classy fragrance that you are certain to enjoy in your home. 

Top notes: fresh fir, lavender

Middle notes: ylang-ylgang 

Base notes: warm amber woods

The burn time on this 10 oz candle is approximately 45 hrs

This candle is made with 100% soy wax

100% recyclable blue glass container and handcrafted wooden lids

Hand-poured in small batches in NY, USA

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