car diffusers

our car diffusers are reusable, refillable, plastic-free, and environmentally friendly! the wooden top absorbs fragrance oils from the glass prism and diffuses fragrance throughout your car, closet, or drawer. all of our ingredients are prop-65 compliant to ensure ingredient safety. 

note* your diffuser will arrive with a safety cap under the wooden top to avoid spillage. you must remove this cap to begin diffusing.

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SMELLS AMAZING! Just got mine and I will never buy one of those cheap car scent ones again. There’s no going back after smelling one of these. It smells so luxurious and calming.

Blue Collection Car Diffuser

beautiful addition to my car! I purchased two of the diffusers, vanilla and clementine/pine, this summer at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. After using the vanilla one for 3+ months it's still going strong! I love the way it makes my car smell and get compliments on it all the time. Highly recommend :) Would make a perfect gift

Kirin S.
Core Collection Car Diffuser