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the benefiscent blue collection is inspired by destinations with beautiful ocean views. the gorgeous blue glass of these candles reflects and shines blue light reminiscent of the water. i carefully handpicked each of the fragrances in this collection, so I know you'll love them!

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Benefiscent Blue Candles


LOVE THESE CANDLES! The Benefiscent Blue Collection is my favorite! This candle makes me feel nostalgic and smells like a fresh lavender scent with a slight musky undertone! Will definitely be buying again!

Emily M
Côte d'Azur Candle


This is my absolute favorite smell, encapsulated in a beautiful candle made with an amazing cause in mind. Every time I catch a whiff of the candle I feel nostalgic for ocean breezes and the scent of the cologne my father wore when I was a child. It's a nuanced smell that I keep coming back to for more and more. If this candle ever is discontinued, I'm going to stock up on MANY to keep me satisfied!

Katie S
Amalfi Candle

Best candle ever! I love this candle! Not only does it smell great, but it lasted quite some time and it's just beautiful. So grateful for Benefiscent candles!

Bali Candle

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I love this candle so much. It has a really sophisticated scent this is not overpowering for any time of the day and is a great addition to my workspace. I burn it all the time and I cannot believe how long it lasts. Definitely recommend it for everyone.

Gianna C
Black Sea Candle

A MUST HAVE! Probably the perfect candle for any occasion - a dinner party, spa night, or just chilling at home watching some Netflix. My roommates and I are obsessed with this candle; it makes our apartment smell so homey! Pretty much everyone will enjoy this candle, so if you're looking for a good gift for someone, Calypso is a perfect choice!

Krishna C
Calypso Candle

AMAZING!! The candle is pretty, smells so incredibly good, and it has lasted longer than any candle we have. It was delivered quickly and I can't wait to get a bunch more!!

Sophia T
Santorini Candle