Why We Use Soy Wax

We pay attention to food labels and ingredients everyday, because we care about our health! But we need to pay attention to the ingredients in our other products too. Especially with candles, because you’re breathing that air! Many people know soy candles are popular today but do you know why? From an ethical standpoint, we should care about the larger industries that we are supporting with our ingredients. Paraffin is a petroleum waste product, meaning that the (paraffin) candle industry largely supports the plastic industry. This demand for paraffin is detrimental to the environment by encouraging the production of plastics and the end product is not clean burning in your home. In fact, it releases by products with the same carcinogens as care exhaust. Some will argue that paraffin is safe because it is FDA approved... but so is junk food. That doesn’t mean it’s good for you, or lacks negative long term effects!

Soy wax is plant based and supports soy farmers in the US. Our Soy wax suppliers are committed to sustainability and social responsibility with their product. I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that down the chain I am supporting farmers instead of oil conglomerates. There are many myths that say that soy wax requires additives and extra chemicals to make it hold fragrance or stabilize in a candle. At Benefiscent, we do not use any hardening agents or additives. Soy wax is certainly more finicky to work with, but we know it is the right thing to do! Our candles have great cold and hot throw sans paraffin or additives. Check out our reviews or see for yourself!

Using the soy wax isn't just about health safety, it is a moral and ethical problem. Benefiscent is founded on the principles of having a positive impact, so we are compelled to do the right thing down to the wick.

If you like this information, comment below! More information about soy wax and our candle ingredients coming soon. 

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