Why I Burn A Candle Everyday

Since coming home from college, I have implemented a daily evening tradition where I light a candle for a couple hours after dinner. I eat, clean up, then light a different candle depending on which day it is and sit myself near it to finish up homework. 

When I first tried it a couple months ago, I wasn’t sure candles were good for anything besides making a room smell nice. Now, they’re as necessary to my study routine as my textbooks are. Since incorporating candles into my daily procedures, I’ve noticed a change in my habits: I’m better at keeping to a schedule, I feel less stressed and it’s easier to wind down for the night.

I’m always the person who forgets what day of the week it is when I’m not out and about or sticking to my regular class schedule. Since I started lighting candles more regularly, it’s become a lot easier to track days based on which candle I light. Mondays are for lavender, Tuesdays are for vanilla, and so on through Fridays, which are reserved for roses, my absolute favorite scent.

As far as stress goes, I definitely have a lot as a college student. At school, I relied on an essential oil diffuser to help me destress during the week, but it never really did much to make my dorm smell nice. At home now, I like using candles because they actually diffuse scents across my room. Plus, watching the warm lights of the flames is pretty relaxing. It’s a lot easier to do well on assignments because I’m spending more energy focusing on the work rather than impending due dates.

I am also the kind of person who could easily stay up until 4 a.m. on my phone, and have on several occasions. The problem with doing that was I couldn’t sleep in until noon everyday just to get my eight hours each night, so I was forced to trudge through the day on fumes, only to take a long midday nap to recharge and repeat the same the next night. Since I began lighting candles, I’ve been able to wind down for the night at a reasonable time, getting onto a normal sleep schedule.

In my house, candles were only ever used when guests were over. Now, incorporating them into my normal routine has helped me a lot to get things back on track, especially with so many new changes going on. A candle a day has really helped me, and I hope it can do the same for others as well.

~ Written by customer Gayatri Chopra 

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