When and Where to Burn Candles

They say there's a time and a place for everything and that definitely applies to choosing a candle to burn. You may not notice it yet but there is always a vibe you are trying to create in your space when you light a candle. Whether you're lighting an energizing citrus scent for your home office or a calming herbal scent during your bedtime routine, you might already be burning candles that are creating a mood for your home. 

Behind the scenes, I always have a specific vision for the fragrances we create for our candles. By the time a fragrance goes live at Benefiscent I already know the activity, room, and time of day where I envision burning that candle. While there's no real right or wrong situation to light any Benefiscent candle, I'd like to think that I've gotten pretty good at making recs over the years. Without further ado, here is my opinion on every candle we have available *right now*...

Fig Leaf

3 Words: Green, Fresh, Clean
Room: Kitchen, Living Room
Situation: Entertaining guests for casual daytime winter hangout
Person most likely to love it: Mom


Mood: Festive
Room: Living room
Time: The month of December

Nicky Medley

Likely to burn when: Working or relaxing around the house
Room: Bedroom, Living Room
Time of day: Daytime

White Birch

Mood: Energizing
Reminds me of: A winter pine forest with snow
Secret: My personal favorite Christmas scent

Ginger Peach

Room: Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom
Time of day: Morning and afternoon sunshine

Reminds me of: My favorite ginger peach mint tea
Secret: Most underrated Benefiscent Candle- in my opinion


Room: Bathroom
Vibe: Clean and Relaxing
Fun fact: Customers who love Himalayan are most likely to come back and repurchase it over and over

Apple & Oak

Room: Kitchen, living room, home office
Story: I hadn't smelled a unique apple candle that wasn't your typical apple cinnamon. In fall 2021, I thought of the concept for an apple candle that had woody and floral elements without being sweet or spicy. After our fragrance design and testing process, we launched it this past fall and it soon became a customer favorite.

Clementine & Pine

Room: Kitchen
Vibe: Energizing and Clean
Time: Daytime and after cooking


Room: Living room
Time: Night time during the winter
3 Words: Smokey, Sophisticated, Rugged

Person most likely to love it: Dad

Rosemary Wreath

Room: Kitchen, living room, home office
Time of Day: All Day
Most likely to: Sell out first


Most likely to: Surprise you
Best description: Smooth, creamy, oaky, soft, lightly sweet
You'll like it if: Your current favorite Benefiscent Candle is Madagascar Vanilla


Room: Kitchen, living room
You'll like it if: You're obsessed with coffee as much as I am
Time of day: Early mornings or late nights

Gilded Pear

Room: Living room, Bedroom, Bathroom
Season: In my personal opinion its a holiday candle but many love this all year
Story: This is our longest running fragrance we have had since 2015 when Benefiscent was a project called Candles for a Cure


Room: Bathroom, Bedroom
Time of Day: Bedtime
Vibe: Relaxation, Self Care, Sleep

Madagascar Vanilla

Most Likely to: Be perfect for any person, time, season, occasion, or room
Story: I didn't wan't just another vanilla candle. I was tired of smelling cupcake, sweet, sugary vanilla candles and wanted ours to be more unique and elevated. Even people who "don't like vanilla" like our vanilla because it is creamy, not sweet, and very subtly floral.

Toasted Vanilla Chestnut

Room: Living room
Favorite time to burn: When it's extra cold or snowing
Time of day: Afternoon and evening
3 Word: Warm, Nutty, Cozy


Time: Holiday family time, evenings
Room: Living Room
Mood: Festive
Description: Winter fruits, spices, and pine

Winter Spice

Room: Kitchen, living room
Mood: Cozy, happy
3 Words: Sweet, warm, comforting


Room: Living room, Bedroom
Mood: Energizing, Fresh


Room: Any
Mood: Bright, Energizing
Time of day: Morning & Afternoon

Black Sea

Room: Bedroom, Living Room
Mood: Mysterious
Time of day: Afternoon & Night

Côte d'Azur

Room: All rooms
Mood: Peaceful
Person most likely to love it: Mom


Room: Kitchen, living room
Mood: Cozy, happy
Secret: I try not to pick favorites but right now Maldives is my current favorite! I have this scent in my car diffuser and bedroom. One day I'd love to make Maldives into a perfume.


Room: Kitchen, living room, bedroom
Mood: Joyful
Secret: People ask me all the time if I've been to all of the destinations in our blue collection. The only destination I have actually visited (so far) is Santorini and it inspired the blue and white design of this collection. 

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