The question I am asked the most...

The single most frequently asked question I am asked is "Which candle do you recommend?"

I love that our customers reach out to me for advice on what to choose! Here is the abbreviated advice that I usually give. For my opinions on every candle click here!

First and foremost, I would love for our customers to know that I carefully vet and test each and every candle fragrance in our collection. There are hundreds of fragrances and combinations that we test on an ongoing basis, and only the very best are online. So, rest assured that every candle on is one that I would certainly recommend! 

With candles, it is hard not to have favorites. The ones that I would be happy burning all day, every day, in every room. So, here are my top 3: 

1. Côte d'Azur

I don't know about you, but I would always rather be exploring the South of France. A girl can dream, right? In any case this candle makes me feel like I am there. Côte d'Azur is the perfect balance of floral and woodsy. The lavender and ylang-ylang add crispness and freshness that is mellowed out by the warmth of amber woods and airiness of fir trees. It smells like luxury, the end.

2. Santorini

I love this candle so much that I named it after one of my favorite places in the world! The Santorini candle smells of sweet fresh citrus and greens. Even people that "don't like candles" like this candle. Clean. Fresh. Citrus. Candle.

3. Clementine & Pine

I cannot say enough good things about this candle. Citrus and Pine scents are a match made in heaven! They are both extremely bright and fresh smells that balance each other wonderfully. When I smelled our first C&P test candle, I said: “That smells like I bit into a clementine and walked into an evergreen forest!” This candle is seriously satisfying to smell, I really love it. 

A close 4th is Calypso! Sniff out the rest of my candle opinions here. 

Written by Taylor Graustein

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