"The Candle Fairies Have Blessed Me"

One evening last fall, my friend and I decided to attend the after-party for the 50th anniversary of our high school football team's perfect season.  Diane had been a cheerleader and I convinced her that she was obligated to attend.  I was just interested in seeing some old friends and checking out who still had hair.  I was thrilled to bump into Bob Graustein, who I met my very first day of junior high school, but had only seen a few times following our graduation from high school.  By the way, he still had hair and I may have overwhelmed him (read: nearly knocked him off his chair) giving him a hug. 
We had a chance to actually converse that evening, unlike the five minutes of "Where are you working?  How is your family?" that passed for conversation at our class reunions over the years.  Mostly, we discussed the fact that Bob's youngest daughter, Taylor, was hoping to really build her candle business following her upcoming graduation from Wake Forest.  Diane, my cheerleader friend, joined the conversation and Bob filled her in on his wife and Taylor's mother's struggle with cancer.  He also told us that 20% of all candle sales by Benefiscent would be donated to Sloan Kettering for cancer research in her honor.  Bob sold me!  If I hadn't already fallen in love with the candle company, their philanthropy put me over the edge.  I ordered a couple of candles that night when I got home.
The candles were delivered in two days, and I totally understood Bob's excitement about Taylor's company.  The soy based wax and the lead free wicks spoke to my tree-hugging spirit, nearly as much as the amazing aromas caressed my soul.  Over these many months, I have discovered that there is a beautiful candle for every mood that you have or want to create.  Do you want to escape to the beach?  There is a candle for that!  How about wandering the woods of Camelot?  There is a candle for that!  Need to be reminded of your favorite vacation to Paris?  There is a candle for that!  Having trouble falling asleep?  There is a candle for that!  So far, I have not found a scent that Taylor can't inspire, and Bob the chief waxier can't create.
In case you can't tell, I love Benefiscent!  I love the wonderful products that they create, the good that they inspire in the world, their respect for our environment, and their dedication to giving back to the community that propped them up when they needed it most.  I do not think of them as candle fairies, but Bob and Taylor Graustein ARE Benefiscent.  They make me smile and I am so blessed to support every effort that they make to allow you to love Benefiscent as much as I do!
written by customer Maureen (Mo) McClain

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