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Now that you know a little bit about Benefiscent and our story, we want to get to know your story! Sharing stories is a wonderful way to create a community of support and awareness. Pre-Covid we would meet so many of our customers face to face at craft fairs and fundraising events. Many of you would come to our table and share your stories with us and share in our mission. Cancer touches so many lives whether you are a fighter, survivor, caregiver, or loved one. Your stories give our work so much meaning and strengthen the importance of why we do what we do. 

Share your story with us in the comments below!

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  • Mo

    My family is a petri dish of cancers. My mom had breast, blood, and lung cancer. My dad had prostate cancer. I have had several skin cancers, mostly basal cell, though I have had a squamous cell removed from my face. My mom’s family has been through breast, colon, lung, liver, pancreas, and brain cancer. My dad’s family has had breast, colon, and liver cancer. Donating to cancer research is extremely important to me and Benefiscent is a great way to do that. Just one more reason to love my candle making friends!

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