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Whether you like floral scents or subtle sweet ones, we believe there is a perfect Benefiscent candle for you! We know that it's hard to shop for candles, sight unsniffed. So this candle guide will help you make scents of it all...


If you like fresh floral scents

A Dozen Roses

This scent is one of my favorite things! It smells just like raindrops on roses...(Sound of Music fans get my joke). This candle reminds me of a fresh bouquet of roses. If I closed my eyes, I might not know the difference!


If you are a fan of florals, or even if you're not, this scent is an absolute MUST! It's hard to put your finger on, but once you smell it, you want to keep smelling it. The main note in this candle is Tuberose, a luxuriously creamy, musky floral. It is a seriously classy scent! Marie Antoinette wore tuberose perfume and even today tuberose is the secret ingredient that makes many expensive perfumes so alluring. So if you want your bedroom to remind you of a French Chateau, Calypso is the candle for you.

Côte d'Azur

This candle scent easily makes my top 3 favorites. This candle is the perfect balance of floral and woodsy. The lavender and ylang-ylang add crispness and freshness that is mellowed out by the warmth of amber woods and airiness of fir trees. We had one customer, who had just returned from the South of France, buy out our whole inventory of this scent because it smelled just like her vacation!


Lavender is arguably one of the most popular scents of all time. It is a truly classic candle, so we tested and tested until we got it just right. We have some lavender connoisseurs in our Benefiscent family, and we got their stamp of approval! If you're seeking calming relaxation or stress relief (honestly, who isn't?), look no further.


This candle is lovable. That's the easiest way to explain it! It's hard not to like the Himalayan candle if you're a fan of florals. The main floral note is orchid, and since I can't for the life of me keep an orchid alive in my house...this is a fantastic substitute. This candle is balanced with notes of fresh air, Himalayan pink salt, and the sweet grassy scent of tonka beans. 

Fleur de Soleil...Coming soon! 


If you love clean & refreshing smells 


Clementine & Pine

I cannot say enough good things about this candle. It is one of my top 3 favorites. Citrus and Pine scents are a match made in heaven! They are both extremely bright and fresh smells that balance each other wonderfully. When I smelled our first C&P test candle, I said: “That smells like I bit into a clementine and walked into an evergreen forest!”


The Evergreen Candle is the simpler, yet equally refreshing and lovely, sibling of Clementine & Pine. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but this is the best forest-y pine scent I have ever smelled without being in an actual forest. This scent is an appropriate and pleasing choice any day. It is one of my everyday go-to's because I never get tired of it.


Who doesn't love the smell of fresh laundry? This scent is the epitome of clean and refreshing. The linen candle is a safe bet! You know what to expect and you know you'll love it.


I love this candle so much that I named it after one of my favorite places in the world! The Santorini scent is a designer blend of fresh citrus and greens. I have been talking about my top 3 favorite we have reached 3! Côte d'Azur, Clementine & Pine, and Santorini. You. Will. Love. It.


If you prefer fun, fruity candles


This candle is citrusy and fruity with a designer flare. It is easily an "I want my house to smell like that" scent. Juicy mango, bright Tarroco oranges, and sweet goji berries together make a fabulous medley.

Cucumber Melon

This is one of our best-selling candles because it is a magically pleasing combo. Everyone loves cucumber melon! We just reformulated this scent to make it even more true to the name. If you didn't already know, sweet cantaloupe and refreshing cucumber are best friends.

Gilded Pear

Ok...this is the #1 fan-favorite. Not to mention, our Chief Waxpert's favorite scent of all time. This candle will have you living in the lap of luxury with aromas of lychee, pear, and rich honey. Not to be dramatic, but you need this one.

Macintosh Apple

This candle is so nostalgic to me! My mom used to have a huge apple candle in our kitchen, and I used to take it out of the cabinet and smell it all the time. The difference is, our candles aren't chemical-filled bright red paraffin wax...but that's a story for another time. Anyway, the Macintosh Apple candle is juicy, juicy, juicy!

Coming soon...Venice (hint: the Bellini was invented in the magical floating city)


If you love warm & cozy scents


I feel like this is what people are talking about when they say "sugar, spice, and everything nice". This scent is not too sweet and not too spicy, so it is the perfect blend to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! 


What did the orange say when it walked into the holiday party? Hi, I'm the Chalet Candle from Benefiscent. Ok, that's not funny and I know it, but we are all doing our best here. The Chalet Candle makes me smile because it reminds me of holidays with my family!


Calling all coffee addicts...I mean coffee lovers! This candle will be your new BFF. Whether you need help feeling awake in the morning, or need a scent to keep you alert when you're up late doing work, the coffee candle is there for you. I love coffee, so for me... all the time is my favorite time to burn this gem.

Madagascar Vanilla

Vanilla gets a reputation for being boring or basic, but I wholeheartedly disagree! I am a vanilla ice cream kind of girl, and I think we should give vanilla the credit it deserves! After all, real vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world. There's actually a longstanding worldwide debate about who has the best vanilla, but our money is on Madagascar... and that's how we landed on the Madagascar Vanilla Candle!

Pumpkin Spice

Our friends who are realtors buy this candle to make the spaces that they are showing feel homier. Sorry to give away your secrets, guys! But now you know that the Pumpkin Spice candle smells like home. I am not the world's biggest fan of pumpkin, but even I love this candle! 

Spiced Cranberry

This candle was our best-selling fall and winter candle from the very beginning! It is a fan-favorite blend of fruit and spice. Need I say more?


Coming next fall...Chai Latte! (are you excited?)


If you say... "I don't like candles" or "Fragrances make me sneeze!" 

Unscented might be right for you!


The Solution to Candle Shopping Online... 

If some of these candle scents sound like your style, you can try them out with a Sniff Kit! The Sniff Kit is designed so that you can sniff out your favorite scent before purchasing a full-sized candle. Each Sniff Kit includes a different collection of scents so you can try them all with no risk. Even better? The Sniff Kit comes with a 10% off coupon towards your next order! 

Email me for more advice on finding your perfect candle! I would be happy to give you my two scents,

 *note this blog does not include all benefiscent candles* 

by Taylor Graustein

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