5 Ways to Make Valentine's Day 2021 Special

The Valentine’s Day Guide for showing your love in 2021...To your valentine, your galentine, your favorite small businesses and yourself! 

If I’ve learned anything from quarantine life, it's that everyday should be a day to show my friends and family how much I love and care for them. With that being said, I look forward to any excuse to change up my daily work-from-home routine and do something special. So this year, whether you're celebrating with your valentine, galentines, or solo here are my favorite treats and activities to bring a little joy at home.

Step 1: Dress for the occasion

Whether it's a matching pajama set for a cozy night of relaxation or dressing up for a special night in, the right outfit for 2021 Valentine’s Day will set the tone. Whether you choose casual or cocktail, make a conscious choice to stray from your daily quarantine routine. This year, a change of pace and an outfit you love can make all the difference. My favorite energizing morning candle is Santorini!

For high-quality dailywear: For Better Days

For vintage finds: Shop Second Act

For sustainable luxury: Reformation

For tie dye loungewear: In The Clouds Clothing

Sustainability Tip! Shop your favorite brands second hand to find great deals and reduce your carbon footprint.

Step 2: Feed your soul

If you’re anything like me, cooking is the greatest joy of quarantine. During the pandemic, many of us have tried our hand at bread making and honed our skills as home chefs with meal kit subscriptions or inspiration from foodie magazines. For me, any holiday is an excuse to spend time cooking something a little extra special. After cooking, light a Clementine & Pine Candle to keep your kitchen smelling fresh!

Brunch Idea:

Your favorite pancakes with homemade strawberry sauce

For dinner I’ll be making...

Giada’s Pasta Alla Vodka

Bon Appetit’s Big Flavor Broccoli

NYT Cooking’s Tiramisu

If you don’t love cooking as much as I do, take the night off and show your love for your favorite local restaurant! If you’re in Westchester try ordering from Sonora in Portchester on GrubHub. 

Sustainability tip! No matter where you order, be sure to let them know you don't need plastic utensils with your meal. 

Step 3: Take time to connect

Whether you’re spending the day with your significant other, quarantine buddy, or zooming with galentines, spend time with the people you love. This pandemic has taught me how much I value quality time and human connection. Luckily by now we have figured out ways to do our favorite ‘normal’ activities in a virtual setting. Socializing by playing a game, watching a show, or doing a yoga class are possible in-person or virtually. I am looking forward to spending time with my friends on zoom for a baking party! Doing a simple activity together can brighten your day and help you feel the love. 

Step 4: Change the scenery

Even if you just go on a walk, drive, or swing by your favorite local coffee shop, make your day feel complete by connecting with the outside world. There is quite a bit of snow here in New York, so a hike is out of the question for me but it is otherwise one of my favorite ways to spend socially-distanced time with my loved ones. Instead, this year I am stopping by my favorite local chocolatier, Chocolations in Mamaroneck, NY! They have made the news for their incredible hot chocolate bombs this winter season.

If you do decide to safely venture out, bring along SNAP hand sanitizer. As you know, fragrances are very important to me and SNAP hand sanitizer smells incredible!

Step 5: Treat yourself

When someone says self-care the first thing I think of is a face mask. I love spending some extra time on my skincare routine to pamper myself and relax. DIY face masks are also a fun activity for a virtual galentine’s day hangout! You can even make skin-nourishing masks with household ingredients. Some of my go-to’s are raw honey, turmeric, and coconut oil. There are lots of great recipe ideas online. 

Some of my favorite face masks: 

For a night of ultimate relaxation, set the mood by lighting your favorite Benefiscent candle. My go-to relaxing scent is Eucalyptus & Spearmint or Côte d’Azur. Take a relaxing bath with one of your favorite bath bombs while your facemask works its magic.

At the end of your skincare routine, give yourself a facial massage with a jade roller. I was recently gifted one from Package Free Shop and I love using it every night before bed.

Sustainability tip! Seek out package free, plastic free, or recyclable products whenever you can. The beauty industry is a huge culprit of single-use plastics and non-recyclable packaging.

The most important step is to show love for yourself today (and everyday)! I am so happy you’re here as part of our Benefiscent family. We feel so lucky to have such kind and supportive customers like you! Connect with us by leaving a comment below to tell us your Valentine’s plans or tagging us on social media @benefiscentcandles. We love seeing you enjoying your candles at home!

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